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TaigOne brings more than hundreds of jailbroken apps, jailbreak tools, jailbreak tweaks and alternatives along with many iOS customizations.
With new taigOne look, anything and everything on iOS is just few taps away.
It’s simply Easy, Expressive and Enjoyable. Download now to enjoy.

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*** Important : Below iOS 12 - Use Safari Browser
iOS 12 and higher - use both Safari and Chrome browser

TaigOne App
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    Jailbreak tools

    App brings you the best jailbreak tool compatible for your current iOS version at a single tap on the screen. his makes super fast and easy for the jailbreak lover to go for a jailbreak without having to spend hours searching for a suitable jailbreak.

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    Jailbreak Alternatives

    JB alternatives allows you enjoy jailbroken apps, themes and extensions on your iDevice without actually jailbreaking your device. It suggests you the best jailbreak alternatives if there is no jailbreak tool for a particular iOS version or you don’t want to jailbreak your device.

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    TaigOne Repos

    TaigOne Repos controls your iOS version without any ristrictions. And it allows you to install jailbreak tweaks without jailbreaking your iDevice.

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    TaigOne Theme Store

    TaigOne Themes app brings unlimited colours to your iDevice. The app is full of beautiful themes and backgrounds so that you would enjoy each time you glance at your phone.

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What You Get

A trusted way to redesign the look of your closest companion, iOS

You can have an array of beautiful themes, widgets and customizations on your iDevice. Be ready to take the journey with your own signature as it redefines your digital identity.

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